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Structural Glued Laminated Timber

Structural Wood Systems is a custom glued laminated timber manufacturer. All materials are manufactured on a per order basis to ensure the highest quality available. We can provide anything from beam blanks for field fabrication to a fully fabricated product with connecting hardware ready for installation

Southern pine engineered timbers provided by SWS have become hallmarks in some of America’s most impressive architectural achievements. Straight beams, radial members, arches and trusses are just a few possible design options. Pressure treatment and factory pre-finishing is available. SWS excels in manufacturing large timbers and complex fabrication projects.

Beams are available for spans exceeding 100’-0”

Custom manufactured Southern pine laminated timbers provide long, clear spans without intermediate supports eliminating false ceilings and other framing cover-ups.

Laminated Trusses

Laminated trusses are available in many shapes, including simple pitched trusses, complicated scissors configurations and  bowstring trusses with curved top chords.

Laminated Tudor Arches

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, Tudor
Arches offer an economical solution to innovation
Design ideas.

Tongue and Groove Structural Roof Decking Systems

2” Timber Deck

Solid Timber Decking by Structural Wood Systems        
provides the beauty of wood, labor-saving
construction and excellent insulating qualities.

The decking forms a significant part of the
building structure, espically those using
laminated timber, arches or heavy timber as
support elements of the structure.
It not only serves as a structural component,
but also provides the warmth and beauty of


Laminated Decking

Laminated decking is a structurally engineered product of two to five kiln-dried lumber laminations bonded together with an exterior waterproof adhesive. It is commonly used in Heavy Timber construction as well as wood frame and hybrid systems.

Structural Wood Systems is a distributor for Lock-Deck laminated decking. Random length and long length decking, plus a variety of face patterns, textures and thicknesses are available. Please download the Lock-Deck brochure and contact the SWS Sales Department for additional information


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